Coming Soon!

Camelot is expanding!! In an effort to improve our ability to compete with other stores, bring in new customers, improve the overall shopping experience for ALL customers, and streamline/improve back-office operations, we are more than doubling the size of the store! We will be spreading things out, lowering the height of shelving to improve sightContinue reading “Coming Soon!”

3-Ingredient Cocktails

One of my favorite offerings at Camelot Wine & Spirits is our Cocktail-To-Go kit. We offer several different variations, ranging in price from around $5 to $8 and they’re ready to grab & go every day in our gift area… Mimosa Vodka Cranberry Classic Margarita Salty Dog Screwdriver Crown & Coke All of these cocktailsContinue reading “3-Ingredient Cocktails”

What’s the Deal with Green Beer??

When we started planning St. Patrick’s Day displays and gifts for you this year, the first thing that crossed our path was green beer. We thought we’d gather some fun notions around that subject to get your Irish-American blood pumping! Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the first place? It was originally aContinue reading “What’s the Deal with Green Beer??”

Candy Infusions

Skittles, starburst, gummy bears? Not something you’d typically expect to find in a liquor store, but there’s a growing trend of infusing alcohol with popular candies, so we’ve stocked a variety of different options (and are adding all the time). If you haven’t tried infusing yet, read on! Vodka is the most common spirit forContinue reading “Candy Infusions”