Coming Soon!

Camelot is expanding!! In an effort to improve our ability to compete with other stores, bring in new customers, improve the overall shopping experience for ALL customers, and streamline/improve back-office operations, we are more than doubling the size of the store!

We will be spreading things out, lowering the height of shelving to improve sight lines, adding additional shelving, not to mention a new/larger beer cave, plus new alarm (complete), video surveillance and sound systems.

That back room where we currently have all the tobacco and juice backstock will become a break room, with a little kitchenette, a table & stools where you can take breaks or count your drawers (which we’re also planning to keep in here so this will be a locked room) and space to store your personal items. We’re also planning to put a washer and dryer in this room.

The other restroom will become a utility room with an industrial utility sink and space to store all of our mops, buckets, and other cleaning supplies. The room west of that will be a supply space for our ice machine and soda fountain, with a drain and openings in the wall for hoses so that everything is tidy, out of sight and easier to maintain.

We’re also getting a new soda fountain counter that will have four built-in cup dispensers (that fit 4-44oz size cups), a straw and lid dispenser and a trash bin – all built into the unit itself.

We’re planning a new checkout counter in the new space that likely will not have all the tobacco and small bottles, so it would mainly be for package checkouts. At the existing counter, we’re planning to open the space up more and possibly put in a line queue (like you may have seen at stores like Michael’s or Bed, Bath & Beyond). We’re also looking at adding a shelf to the front of the counter to make it more ADA compatible.

I’ve ordered a standing humidor cabinet that will go somewhere near the front counter – read more about this cabinet at

And last, but not least, we will be reflooring the entire store. We’ve chosen an LVT (which stands for luxury vinyl tile) that is supposed to be super-durable, easy cleanup, and no-wax required – below is the pattern we chose…

What’s next?

At this point, the biggest holdup is a city permit – we want that, primarily, so that we can combine the THREE retail spaces we will be responsible for under a single address (12247 N Penn), but also, just to avoid any potential problems with the city as we move forward.

As soon as we have that permit, Van Hoose Construction will be coming in to complete drywall, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and ceiling work. Ray plans for us to do the flooring ourselves – there will also be some painting we will do ourselves.

We’re waiting for shipment on some things – like the fountain cabinet, humidor, beer cave and shelving, but hoping to have received all of these items by end of year.

Once we’re all done – or pretty close to done – I’m planning a Grand Re-Opening type of day or weekend. I’m thinking we’ll have a supplier (or two) come in to do tastings; depending on time of year, we might set up a tent in the little square on the south side for a barbecue; we might offer some giveaways – definitely open to suggestions on this one.

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