Shoplifter Stories

Camelot Liquor is a small, family-owned business. We pride ourselves in offering good selection and low prices, but the people you will see on this page threaten that every day!

We identify theft by suspicious behavior or bottles missing from inventory, we then use our state-of-the-art video surveillance system to capture photos and/or video of the thief, anyone they were with, and their vehicle. Beginning October 2021, these photos are turned over to the OKC Police Department for potential prosecution and the individuals involved in the larceny are permanently banned from our store.

Individual stole a 5th of Burnetts every day for seven days straight before we caught and banned him.
Individual caught on camera placing a liter of Hennessy & a 5th of Tanqueray into her bag.
Incidentally, one of our competitors was hit by the group above in 2021. Police are ALSO looking for the man in glasses in connection with a T-mobile theft that occurred 4/25/2022 (case #22-25674)