Established in 1987, Camelot Liquor has the lowest prices and best selection of beer, wine and spirits you’ll find anywhere! Plus, we’re proud to be your one-stop-shop for tobacco, lotto, cocktail accessories, and gift baskets; not to mention ice cold beer, wine, champagne, juice, & soda!

During the pandemic, we got a little crazy and expanded our store, more than doubling our floor space to give you a cleaner, more modern shopping experience, a SECOND walk-in cooler for chilled wine and champagne, and an even BIGGER selection of your favorite products! With all that space, we’re able to buy up when prices are low and pass the savings on to our customers.

And when you shop our store, you’re supporting your local community! We’re owned and operated by your neighbors – the owners, Ray and Kelley Walker, have been part of the Camelot community for over 25 years and inherited the store from Ray’s mother, Hilde Walker, who also lived in the area and opened Camelot Liquor, in its current location, in 1987.

Thanks for shopping with us!